Here, we've put together some basic statistics regarding our notice volumes. Notices and tickets are synonomous in our organization, so you'll hear a lot of folks use them interchangeably. It is important, however, to differentiate between notices and transmissions. Transmissions represent how many people were notified on each notice. This meaning, where there is one notice, there will be multiple transmissions. These numbers are only counting notices, not transmissions.

Total Notifications

Change in Notice Volume

Average Monthly Notices

Notice Volume Breakdown

notice breakdown

What types of work are most prevalent?

notice breakdown

Where is the most work happening?

notice breakdown

Percent Change

< -50%
-49% to -20%
-19% to -10%
-9% to 10%
11% to 20%
21% to 50%
> 51%
Top Ten Counties
County Total

What are the Most Common Ticket Types?

notice breakdown